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About us



We will with purpose bring the gospel, healing, deliverance, revelation, and freedom to the hungry, the broken hearted, the bound, the blind, the abused, and oppressed of Cannon County!



     When you enter The Pentecostals of Woodbury on Sunday's you will be greeted by one of our hospitality staff members, who will show you where everything is located in the building, sanctuary, restrooms, children's area, nursery, and our hospitatliy area. Our hospitality area is where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and donut, prior to service on Sunday mornings.  You will also be asked to fill out a short digital information form, so that we can keep track of how many visitors we have each week, month, and year.

     Once service begins, you will experience Pentecostal style music and singing, which is designed to give God praise and lead us into His presence.  People will be clapping, singing, and worshipping around you and you will feel the power of God.  The words to all our songs are displayed on the two screens on the platfrom so we can all sing together with our praise team/choir.

     The preaching of God's Word is anointed, clear, and deals with real life situations to help people find their way to a closer relationship with God.  We are not in the business of building "just a good crowd" of folks, but we are in the business of building people.


Click here to meet out staff.

What We Believe


     One of our basic teachings is that of Salvation...


Faith is essential to us being saved.

Repentance is essential to our salvation. We must turn away from our sins and not just apologize.

Water Baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ is essential to salvation, for it is what puts our sins in remission.

The infilling of the Holy Ghost is also essential to salvation, for Jesus says we must be born of water and spirit!

Living a seperated lifestyle from the world and a lifestyle of holiness is also essential to keep salvation, for we must come out from among them and be ye separate saith the Lord.



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